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We have been cooking, packaging, and delivering fresh foods for 3+ years. Order all your food for the week by clicking below. 

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Turn a nU Leaf

Most food companies are not concerned about our community's health. Our purpose is to provide access to fresh, delicious, and nutrient rich meals that anyone will enjoy through the week. We do all the shopping, cooking, and packaging for you so you can simply heat and eat healthy food. We have partnered with local Louisiana farms to bring the best tasting ingredients available. Thank you for supporting local!

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This is not your typical cookie cutter, tiny portion, flavorless meal prep. Your food is cooked by experienced chefs that use local ingredients. We offer low-sodium, low glycemic, vegan, paleo, and gluten free foods. We make healthy food taste good again and not cost a fortune. All of our food is whole, from farm to plate, with very little processing. Enjoy the best meal prep available by ordering above!

My Story

From 275 lbs to helping others lose weight


Looking down at the scale in 2015 I remember thinking, "I am too damn big". I had been "big" and trying to lose weight since 2010. The mirror was always there to remind me, too. Nothing wrong with being who I am, however, I knew the consequences of being large. I had all the motivation to drop the fat but none of the knowledge or support to achieve the goals. That's when I discovered "meal prep". Fresh food meticulously cooked and weighed every Sunday to meet my macros. I made myself pre portioned food for 6 months and the results were evident. 50 pounds of fat gone and 12 pounds of lean mass gained. Success! Today I have lost even more by fasting and eating plant based. Sadly, when I looked for a company to buy local meal prep from the choices were overpriced, tiny portioned, and lacked flavor. It was nothing like the food I was making. I wanted meal prep to be accessible, delicious, and portioned correctly. I created Feed The Beast. I wear my art on my sleeve. I have made a several changes over the years to reflect how I have matured as a chef, diet enthusiast, and business owner. Hope you enjoy our new plant based and farm to table direction with Nu Leaf!